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Atlantic crossing 2016


Catch a falling star

The great sailing continued. And, best of all, when a change of course was required, the wind changed direction just in time so that we could stay sailing at good fast angles.

Morning, and time for hoisting the mainsail to reef 1, the largest option since the damage to the headboard car. Inspection in Gran Canaria showed damage to the mast track where the car had pulled from the rig.

The fast sailing continued for most of the day. Nilaya making good progress SW towards the trade winds.

During the late evening, Gioia and Ryan had the privilege of seeing a spectacular shooting star / meteorite. Most shooting starts leave a momentary streak across the sky. Occasionally, a shooting star leaves a sparkling, glowing tail across the firmament. On very rare occasions, the whole celestial sphere is illuminated by the falling of a larger rock. Gioia and Ryan witnessed just such a spectacle. The glowing trail splitting in two as the meteorite disintegrated. Both were certain that some rocks would have fallen into the sea not far from Nilaya. JI

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